Trinidad & Tobago Islands Online Travel Guide

Just off the coast of Venezuela, travelers discover Port of Spain, a city bursting with culture, industry, and entertainment. Located on Trinidad, the southernmost island in the Caribbean, visitors seeking excitement and fun need look no further for the perfect vacation spot.

As the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain serves as an important financial area and houses a wealth of flourishing industries, including natural gas, oil, and steel. A natural harbor helps secure Port of Spain’s position as a key shipping and economic center in the Caribbean.

Travel the city and enjoy the eclectic mix of people and backgrounds, with influences from France, Britain, Spain, China, Africa, India, and many more. The many theatres, restaurants, and galleries reflect the rich culture, separating Port of Spain from the rest of Trinidad and giving it a cosmopolitan air. Travel to the downtown area, the oldest part of the city, and enjoy the unique shopping opportunities and history. For a relaxing stroll, head to the center of downtown’s Woodford Square, a beautiful shady area frequented by bands, various entertainment, and political meetings. Visitors and locals also congregate in Queen’s Park Savannah (The Savannah), an open park with rugby and cricket fields.

At the end of the day, visit one of the many lounges, restaurants, or clubs for dancing and a few drinks, or take in a movie or late show. With a booming nightlife, visitors can party until dawn or enjoy the great cuisine and culture. No tourist risks a boring night in this busy hotspot.

For the ultimate combination of culture and partying, visit Port of Spain during Carnival. Here calypso music and masquerade merge with parades, elaborate costumes, and dancing to fill days of dazzling festivities. Look for the traditional Moko Jumbie, elaborately dressed stilt walkers thought to chase away bad spirits. Enjoy the revelry that makes this celebration famous throughout the world!

For entertainment and nightlife combined with rrrrich history and heritage, travel to Port of Spain during your next Caribbean vacation. With a multitude of attractions and activities, this cosmopolitan setting with an island atmosphere will bring visitors back again and again.

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